God's Everyday Gifts

Psalm 16:2
I said to the LORD, "You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing."

It’s interesting how kids take their toys for granted. The kids don’t have jobs, so they can’t go out and purchase toys for themselves. They don’t have credit cards so they can’t order them online. They don’t realize that apart from their parents’ generous efforts (and gifts from others at Christmas and birthdays), they have no good thing.

This also applies to meals. My children are dependent on me for meals. If my husband and I don’t take them out to a restaurant or don’t buy groceries, they don’t eat. They rarely realize that apart from their parents’ efforts, they have no good meal.

You would think that as we grow older we would learn to appreciate God’s generosity. You’d think we would acknowledge God’s everyday gifts.

However if you look around, you’ll see how Americans have started to drift from the truth. We seem to look to food or entertainment for our comfort. We look to an employer for financial security. We look to an insurance company for security.

I believe God provides us with opportunities to interact with these businesses in a healthy relationship. But we seem to walk blindly away from God, mesmerized by our own decision-making power. We love the surge of power that comes from asking, “What do I want to do?”

I want to see this country turn the corner and head back to God with the question, “What does God want me to do?” I want to see this country pull together and try to salvage whatever love we still have for each other instead of growing colder and farther apart in our lust for self-power. I want to see this country realize that even in our self-righteous arrogance, we are dependent on God – and He still loves us.

I want to see this country get back to God because apart from Him, we have no good thing.

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joyful said...

Dear friend, nice post.
I agree with you concerning our "God independent nature" , we often forget that our existence revolves around Him.I cannot personally fathom a world without the existence of our Lord.I too join in with you for prayers for your country.