The Best Teacher

Ps 32:8
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.

Teachers are very important people. I love them. I’m related to a few of them. I know from experience that there are teachers who give a lot and teachers who can give very little. I’ve had teachers who have tried their best to bring lessons that would benefit me in some small way, and that’s exactly what happened. They benefited me in a very small way.

When God says He’ll give you instruction, accept His offer. He’s the best teacher you’ll ever find. When He says He’ll give you anything, accept His offer.

Instruction, wise counsel, forgiveness, and love are all things we can receive from someone else. It’s funny how we often look for love and forgiveness, but reject wisdom and instruction.

When that happens, I think we’re really just avoiding getting the wrong advice from the wrong teacher. We’ve all heard people giving out bad advice, and I agree that we should run from bad advice. But when the most experienced, most trustworthy, most wise teacher gives the invitation, we are fools to ignore Him.

For many years, I’ve been reading my Bible with the attitude that God has something for me in there. Something for that specific moment. It’s my job as the student to read the text and study the meanings until I understand the wise counsel and instruction in the words.

I’m grateful to God for His persistence with me. Every time I come to Him, I’m able to come away with something good to help me with my day. So I encourage you to open your heart to His instruction. God is a good teacher because He knows how you learn – and because He loves you.

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