Seeing God's Message

When we pray, we sometimes ask God to show us an answer. Often without realizing it, we have our expectations set on a certain range within which He should move. We draw a box in the sand and ask God to write the answer in it. In an effort to help us see Him, He lets a wave wash the box away.

I love reading about Peter in the Bible. He wasn't very different from us. He loved God and wanted to obey, but human limitations colored his expectations.

In Acts 10:9-23, we read about Peter's vision. God gave clues to what was about to happen with Cornelius. Peter didn't have all the information yet, but he was warned not to call impure what God has made clean.

When we have clues from God, whether in a vision or from scriptures, we have to do the work of applying God's message to what He sends our way. I say "do the work" because it isn't always easy to do. God asked Peter to do something that was unusual, but had to be done because of Peter's calling.

Do you have a unique calling that requires something unusual? Has God given you clues to help you with your calling - and you feel like you don't have all the information yet?

Be patient. Do the work of applying God's message to what He sends your way. When you see God's message, know that there's a responsibility associated with your calling. And you are able to do what He's asked.

To be successful, you must keep seeking God.

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