Written In Stone

I'm sure you've heard someone say, "These are suggestions. They're not written in stone."

We all know something that was written in stone. God crafted the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) without editing and rewriting. He carved them in stone with His finger, according to Exodus 31:18.

But do we treat them as if they were suggestions?

Sure, it's easy to keep most of them. "Today, I think I'll keep the commandment about not murdering."

However, we find a few of them a little harder to keep all the time. What if your parents haven't acted in honorable ways? Is it okay to not honor your mother and father if they've been dishonorable?

This reminds me of the time God wrote not in stone, but in sand. He asked if any of the onlookers was without sin.

Yes, we should obey God. We should honor our parents because God said to. We are not without sin. We shouldn't expect our parents to be. Honoring them in obedience to God is one way to honor God.

When we go to God with the plea, "Give me a sign", we should expect Him to remind us of the sign He carved out of the mountain. If we take His commandments seriously, He is able to lead us back to Himself. But seeking Him will always be unfruitful if we are unwilling to follow His leading.

We should read the signs already laid out for us, and continue seeking Him.

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