Music is Celebration

Ps 33:3
Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.

Thanksgiving Day is a day of celebration. We gather with loved ones to tell each other how much we appreciate those loving relationships. We need each other. And we need God. Many families use the Thanksgiving holiday to show appreciation to God by caring for others and serving at a large feast for those who can’t afford to create their own.

But it’s funny that the music of Thanksgiving weekend is Christmas music.

I thought about how many Thanksgiving songs I’ve heard and realized there are amazingly few. I think people quite readily associate music with Christmas, but Thanksgiving is mostly just about food.

Our Thanksgiving Day is a holiday we celebrate as Americans, but Christmas is celebrated all around the globe. If the whole world could pick one day to come together and express thanks for our individual blessings, not only would I be stunned by God once again making the impossible possible, I would also expect to hear celebration music from many different cultures.

Celebration music is lively and joyful. It makes you want to get up and dance. I would suggest that we have a Thanksgiving Dance, but no one would attend. We’re all too busy preparing for a table full of food and a shopping cart full of Christmas presents. Who has time to celebrate?

So maybe Sundays could be our time of lively, joyful singing and dancing. I think that we, as Christians, must take time to sing songs of thanksgiving to God who gave us the blessings we’re all thankful for.

Whenever you choose to celebrate, remember to find time to celebrate with God. Sing to him – in the shower, if you must. Find CDs to sing along with or just make up your own tunes. But whatever you do, sing.

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