Making Changes

Matthew 6:6
But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then you Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

This weekend on Blogging Domino, I’m reviewing a classic film which shows the trouble that goes with adding a computer to a non-computerized business. It’s a comedy which is funnier today than it was when it was first released. Technology helps us communicate more effectively today than ever before. But I think this film shows that technology isn’t all you need. We need relationships.

Our relationship with God will be the protective influence when we deal with today’s technology. God gives us guidance, wisdom, and help making decisions if we will seek Him. He isn’t against all technology, but expects us to use the wisdom He makes available.

Sometimes our goal should be to cut back on all computers, phones, and other tools so that we can communicate more effectively without distractions. The verse above from Matthew mentions praying in a room, in secret. The Old Testament shows a picture of a prayer room when we read about Daniel (chapter six) in an upstairs room where he prayed. However, he didn’t pray in secret. The windows were open. Probably no air conditioning.

Today, you and I can go into a bedroom, closet, bathroom, or other enclosed space and pray without distractions. My husband took an upstairs room of our house and turned it into his prayer room. When he needed uninterrupted time with God, he let me know to keep the kids occupied elsewhere so he could pray and listen for God’s answers.

Having a room or park bench or some specific place where you can go to pray by yourself will help you focus on what God wants to say to you. Take your Bible with you and maybe a pad of notepaper and a pen to write what God is guiding you to do. Some people have a prayer journal where they record their prayer requests, answers, and ideas they get from God.

Many people see texting as a relationship-enhancing tool, but with God, there isn’t a need for texting. You can get his attention anywhere you go. He’s never too busy, and his battery never needs to be charged.

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