How the Shepherd Guides

Psalm 23:3b
He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

The Lord is my shepherd. And because I am his sheep, I listen for the peaceful voice of the shepherd. He calls to his sheep to guide them to the right paths.

In the book of John, the picture of sheep following the shepherd is displayed. I love reading about a loving shepherd taking care of his sheep. It evokes a sense of peace and an awareness of his presence, a comfort that is a necessary part of the day for those who live in today’s world.

John 10:4 reminds us that “his sheep follow him because they know his voice.” They know his voice because they’re around him a lot and hear his voice often. They know his voice because they are his.

I used to live in the country. On several occasions, I saw a cow eating grass on the side of the road. I knew that cow belonged to someone and wouldn’t be there very long. The owner would be there soon to put the cow back in the pasture and would fix the fence so it wouldn’t get out again. The owner would risk his life to get the cow away from the highway.

Jesus is like the owner of that cow. If his sheep wander away from where they’re supposed to be, he guides them back home, back in the paths of righteousness.

It’s good to know that the Lord is my shepherd. And he lays his life down for the sheep. And his sheep follow him because they love his voice.

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