Reasons To Seek God, part two

James 4:8
Come near to God and he will come near to you.

I said last time that I should’ve changed the title of this series to “Reasons For God To Put His Arm Around You.”

This season is a great time to allow God to comfort each of us in a sweet embrace. He chooses to be with us because he loves us, but he waits for us to choose to be with him.

Seek God for his presence. Find him in a place designed for just the two of you. Initiate a time of quietness where the world leaves you with the one who loves you more than anyone else.

When I have company over to visit, we sit around the room and speak in a mildly loud voice. When my husband and I are the only ones in the house, we tend to get closer and speak more softly. When we embrace, a whisper is just fine.

God will speak to a congregation through a willing person. However, that message is rarely as intimate as the one he speaks into your heart when you’re alone with him.

Take some time this season to be alone with God. And let him get as close as he wants.

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