The Fear Of The Lord, part one

Proverbs 14:26
“He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress,
and for his children it will be a refuge.”

Developing a relationship with God is a construction project. It goes slowly, brick by brick. One day you’ll look up to see how much you’ve contributed to the relationship and find that God has contributed too.

As you work at your relationship, you find that there’s more to it than you first assumed. It’s more than just work or responsibility. It’s actually fun.

Maybe time gets away from you during prayer. You stop looking at your watch to make sure you spend enough time praying. Soon, you have to set a timer to make sure you leave the place of prayer to get your other duties done. When you realize that you’re not focused on one little brick anymore, your construction project takes on new meaning. It’s bigger than you thought it could be. It isn’t just a brick wall; it’s a fortress.

While you work on this fortress, you might find your hidden wounds are being healed. God is a great healer. You can trust him with all the secret places of your heart. Building a relationship with God is a blessing that brings deep joy. A joy that heals places only God could touch.

God blesses the efforts of the humble and diligent. It’s hard to build a secure fortress when all you do is talk about it and plan it. Those who put in the work, get to see the finished product.

I’m in the habit of sharing my faith in God with my children. I’ve prayed with them and for them. I won’t be holding their hands for the rest of their lives, so I’ve done what I could to point them to the one who will be with them forever. My relationship with God shows them that God is consistent. He’s constantly with us. My hope is that anyone who watches me will see God.

Your relationship with God will be evident even to your children. So keep working on the most fulfilling construction project you will ever work on.

Keep seeking God.

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