Learning From God And Realizing It Later

Read Luke chapter 24. This is the story of Cleopas and his friend who were on the road to Emmaus.

The two men were talking about the recent death and "possible resurrection" of Jesus when Jesus himself came up and walked along with them. But they didn't recognize him. They told him that some from their group had gone to his tomb and it was opened, but they hadn’t seen the Lord.

Jesus explained the scriptures to the men, but they were still kept from recognizing him. When they approached the village, they urged Jesus to stay with them because of the late hour. He went with the men, broke the bread, and disappeared as soon as they recognized him.

How must they have felt, knowing they had Jesus with them the whole time and only knew it was him just before he left? Of course, I’d be elated that I was given the opportunity to visit with him. Wouldn’t you love for Jesus to explain the scriptures to you?

They had just arrived in Emmaus, but they jumped up and went straight back to Jerusalem. Apparently, the late hour didn’t bother them so much then. They were sped along by the new energy inside them from the encounter. The Lord had risen indeed, and they had actually seen him. They had good news, and they wanted to, no they had to share it.

Once back with the other disciples, the men explained what happened. While they were speaking, Jesus appeared there with them.

Can you imagine Jesus popping up at your next Sunday School party and joining in the conversation you’re having about him?

But we have to remember that God is with us right now, wherever we go. And he can explain the scriptures to us. There have been times when I’ve read a portion of scripture and I became awestruck as the words became more understandable. They took on deeper meaning. God reminded me of other scriptures I already knew that related to what I was reading.

God meets us where we are and strengthens us as we seek to understand him better.

So keep seeking him.

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