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Do We Seek God?

Psalm 53:2 God looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who seek God.

It’s normal for people to have questions. Christians have plenty of questions. But are God’s children looking to Him for answers?

God looks to see if any seek Him. To me, that means He’s willing to meet us halfway. He won’t come down from heaven to run our lives for us. He’s waiting for us to ask Him our questions.

How many of us think we know it all? In some ways, we act like we know everything. We have our absurd arrogant attitudes to overcome. We beat up others who think differently than we do. We protest when people call our ideas false truths or heretical myths. How dare they!

But God waits.

The verse right before this one reminds us that the fool believes there is no God. Are we acting like there is no God by not seeking the one we know has all the answers. Why do we pretend to be experts instead of asking God for His input?

Do we seek Him?

How many of our arguments could be stopped by both parties bowing together before God? If we sought after God’s wisdom instead of seeking after our right to be right, would we be able to share more love among God’s children? They will know us by our love, not by our ability to argue well using scripture to prove that we’re right.

The next time you think about God, imagine His eyes covering the earth like search lights. Imagine Him spotting you with your eyes on Him.

Let God find you SEEKING HIM.

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