Waiting for the Day

Genesis 29:18 
Jacob was in love with Rachel and said, “I’ll work for you seven years in return for your younger daughter Rachel.” 

Talking to Rachel’s dad, Laban, was tricky for Jacob. Isn’t it always nerve-wracking for any guy to talk to his potential father-in-law? But Jacob figured Rachel was worth whatever he had to do to win her father over.

Jacob and Rachel had a long love story. He had to be patient. He had to work to earn the opportunity to be her husband. This reminds me of a few movies I’ve seen. It’s a common theme in romantic movies. Sometimes love isn’t simply a date/proposal/wedding situation. There is usually a lot to overcome before the marriage can begin.

So how do we spend our time while we’re waiting for that next step, the wedding? Jacob stayed in close connection to his beloved Rachel and her father. When he finally married her, all that waiting time seemed to be a distant memory. Isn’t that how it is when you’re in love?

Time floats away on clouds when you’re in love.

I’m sure this is because God is bigger than time. God invented time. He allows it to seem different to us depending on our perspective. Lovers see time one way, but employers see it another way. Children think three months of summer seems like years, but the parents experience it as just weeks.

Even the decades on the earth that we call our lifetime are just a small part of the timeline that God sees. Our time perspective changes according to what we focus on. When we focus on God and his will, our chances of seeing the big picture improve. Focusing on love helps us to be more patient and more generous with those around us.

Have a happy Valentine’s weekend, and thanks for seeking God with me.

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