Spreading Your Message

3 John 1:13 

I have much to write you, but I do not want to do so with pen and ink.

Did you ever get a text from someone who piqued your interest with something like this, “I can’t wait to tell you what happened this weekend. Here’s a hint. You’ve gotta see what I’m wearing!”

That kind of message makes you determined to see them face to face. You want to hear more from them. Is it a new uniform to wear to a new job? An engagement ring? A maternity dress? An expensive business suit? If you know your friend really well, you have an idea of what they’re going to show you or tell you about when they see you. Did they get that promotion they had been hoping for? Sometimes you have to wait to find out. But waiting is so rare with today’s technology.

A lot of people are more connected with their friends these days because of texting and Skype and emails and other communication apps. Today’s technology puts a giant spotlight on our interests. Do you meet with friends over an online war game? Do you play word games with several friends on handheld devices? It makes me wonder what apps people would’ve used in the Bible days.

Would Paul have had a popular blog with thousands of comments on each of the daily posts? Would Luke have his own YouTube channel where he posted “medical-related miracle” videos?

I’m sure that whatever the application used, they would’ve made sure that their words had the same impact with technology as it has had without it. They were simply letting their own technology carry the message. It was quite powerful without all the graphics.

Let’s take a minute to think about our message? Does it honor God? And how is it being carried to others? Am I living the message of God to those around me? Does my writing have the right kind of impact? Am I being true to my gifts and the God who gave them to me?

How are we using the words God has been filling us with? Someone once told me that every conversation is an opportunity for ministry. Don’t wait around and expect pastors to do the work of spreading God’s love. It’s our job too. With every word we say or type or write, we’re spreading a message. What’s your message?

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