Hiding From Chores

Psalm 104:13-14
He waters the mountains from his upper chambers; the land is satisfied by the fruit of his work. He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for people to cultivate—  bringing forth food from the earth

It’s summer. It’s hot outside and much more comfortable inside. However, if you have a garden, you must weed it. If you have a pet, you must feed it. We all want to be lazy and relax all summer long, but chores must be done.

I knew when I became a mom that I would one day spend many hours trying to get my little ones to do their assigned chores. But even I have things on my To Do list that I’m purposefully closing my eyes to. I’m to the point where my To Do list is becoming my To Ignore list.

So when I recognize that my break time is taking longer than necessary, I can go to various Bible verses and look at some encouragement. Among the many places I can go is Psalm 104. God shows us that part of bringing forth food on the earth for man to eat is God’s job. And part of that process is man’s job. God causes seeds to grow in the dirt. He waters the soil and shines the light of the sun on the plants. Our job, according to Psalm 104:14, is to cultivate the plants. I see farmers working their fields, planting, harvesting, and bringing food to market. If a farmer decides to be lazy, he’s also going to be hungry.

However, if God does his part and we do our part, we’ll never be hungry.

When God’s people were going to experience a famine in Joseph’s day, God worked it out for Joseph to have a place prepared for his family. God’s people didn’t starve during the famine, but they weren’t lazy either. In Moses’s day, the people were given bread from Heaven. But they had to gather it and prepare their meals.

There are always chores to do. People who want to eat will not have their hands out, they’ll have their hands busy.

It’s so much easier for God to bless his people when we’re listening to him and obeying him. There is a time to rest and a time for chores. I know God loves to bless hands at work.

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