Praying for Stuff, part two

Psalm 73:3 
“For I envied the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.”
Has anyone accused you of being “perfect”? Has anyone been thankful that you’ve been “real” with them?

Most true Christians are simply trying to be obedient to God. We don’t get it right all the time. God knows that. We know that. And our neighbors know that.

When you are asked to say the mealtime prayer at a family gathering, don’t be worried that you won’t live up to your relatives’ expectations. Don’t worry about getting your prayer “right”.

Be real, not fake. God knows you.

Maybe you’re not the richest person in your neighborhood. Maybe there are some real needs on your Christmas list. Don’t you think others envy your relationship with God? Isn’t that what should be happening? Others should desire to have a real relationship with God because of what they see in you.

If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, consider walking down the street and asking them if they want you to pray with them. Many of us feel a lot of stress because of the jumbled, frenzied schedules we have this time of year. Your neighbors are no different.

Some of your neighbors are concerned about many things and may welcome your prayers for them. Allowing them to join you in prayer is helpful in building their faith. Let them believe God’s word with you.

When you see your neighbors’ wealth and are tempted to wish you had all their stuff, remember to fight envy with compassion. Envy is from the fleshly part of you, but compassion is from the heart. According to Psalm 73:26, God is the strength of your heart.

We can ask God to speak through us to our neighbors. Without him, nothing good will happen. We can also take action on that prayer by choosing to be free of envy. That is a choice that will make room for God to work it out. As you listen for God’s direction this season, keep an obedient spirit.

This is one way to pray for stuff.

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