Who Will Believe The Truth?

Mark 16:17
“And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues;”
 This month, I’m thinking about the question, “Who will believe the truth?”

Students are starting a new school year, so they’re receiving information that they assume to be true. If they don’t believe the new info to be true, the teacher must convince them. It takes a lot longer to teach a student who doesn’t believe what you say. Those who listen and believe can act on the truth and grow in that truth faster.

If you don’t believe the truth, you can’t act on it. Those who do believe the truth can show evidence that what they believe is truth.

When Jesus was turning everyone’s world upside-down simply by telling the truth, he gave evidence to back up what he was saying. His truth was spiritual. There were spiritual responses that showed up in visible form such as healings, walking on water, and divine protection.

He taught his disciples that those who didn’t believe the truth couldn’t benefit from those evidences. Jesus went to his hometown, but few there would believe him. The few who did believe were able to receive not just healings, but also a new perspective. And a changed life.

How about you? Do you believe what Jesus said?

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