A Devoted Mother

Matthew 15:27
“Yes, Lord,” she said, “but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.”

In Matthew 15:21-28, I read the story of a woman who cried out to Jesus instead of trying to find the name of a good therapist or giving up on her daughter. She’d heard about Jesus. She knew from the reports of others that he was kind and generous. He would help her daughter.

When she finally had the opportunity to speak to him, I imagine she was a little emotional. I would’ve been. I’m a mother too. I sometimes get emotional when I want the best for my children and find getting their needs met is a little more of a struggle than I’d anticipated.

Jesus didn’t make it easy for her. He didn’t even answer at first.

The woman was determined. This opportunity was not going to pass her by. She was going to keep after it until she accomplished her goal. All she wanted was for her daughter to be well and whole. That’s what any mother wants.

When she answered him with the line about eating crumbs from the table, that got my attention. She wasn’t asking for a personal appearance from him. She didn’t moan and whine and say, “If only Jesus would come to my house and lay his hand on my daughter and speak to her and pray with everyone in the family, then everything would be okay.” She didn’t ask him to do a miracle in front of her to reassure her that he was the right one to talk to. The mother just wanted his word.

Whenever Jesus found someone who had the wisdom to simply believe what he said, he was always thrilled.

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