What The Lord Provides

Psalm 23:1
...I shall not be in want.

When the Lord is your shepherd, you can go to him with expectation. He’s a good shepherd; he takes care of his sheep. You’ll always find an abundance in his hands.

However if you ask for something and don’t get it, remember he does that to protect us from ourselves. I wouldn’t give a couple of eight-year-olds my car keys just because they said they wanted to drive my car. But I might give my keys to a responsible adult who knows how to drive.

The Lord is able to fill you full of whatever you need. That is my expectation.

I know He has a plan, a master design. He is able to accomplish all that is necessary to get us into position to succeed in His plan. Our strengths and weaknesses were chosen because these are things He uses to form us.

He smoothes our rough edges and polishes us inside and out until we fit the requirements for the purpose He created us to fulfill. He’s already planned our victory.

He’s an artist. He sees His creation and knows exactly what to do to bring out the beauty in it.

The Lord is your designer, your craftsman, your refiner, your life-giver, your savior, and your shepherd. He is the provider of all we need.

What He doesn’t provide, I don’t want.

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