Widows and Orphans

Isaiah 1:17
Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.

Last month, I showed in the first chapter of Isaiah how we can see God’s heart for his children. Today, I want you to see some things in that chapter that are very important to him.

In many places in the Bible, we can see the same issues coming to the forefront. God loves those who are oppressed. He wants to be the Father to the fatherless and Husband to the widow.

He wants our lives to be full of joy and peace, but if we’re oppressed, we’re not experiencing all God has for us. If we lack the fatherly guidance we need, we can go to God for that support. Women who have lost the care, provision, strength, and encouragement of a loving husband can go to God who wants to meet all their needs.

God wants to broaden our understanding of who he is. If we will take up his cause and work with him to alleviate the pain of the helpless, we will grow closer to him and draw strength from him.

God wants to help those who need it, but he wants to use our hands and feet.


Mr. Woolf said...

Indeed, God has a thing for the poor, destitute, and the oppressed. One author, Brennan Manning calls them "Ragamuffins." Why? Because to God, the least of these is all that really matters!

Domino said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Don't forget to check out my Volunteer post on LauraDomino.blogspot.com to see a couple of suggestions of how to reach out to the poor.