Christmas Gifts

Luke 2:14
Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.

A large angel choir sang to the shepherds in the fields. This is something that doesn’t occur every day. It got their attention. It was enough to make them leave the fields to see for themselves what they’d been told about.

The choir didn’t sing a song about how to get to the baby. It wasn’t about the woman who had just given birth to the Savior. The angels’ song was about God. The angels were giving God the praise, honor, and glory. They mentioned God’s message of peace. They sang about God’s favor resting on all humans. The angels were nudging the shepherds with this song that could be interpreted as, “God is so great! He’s doing you a favor, not only you, but all men all over the earth.”

When someone does you a huge favor, what’s your automatic reaction?

We accept the favor and thank the one who gave it.

After a song like that, the shepherds had to go check it out. They knew God was doing something He’d never done before. But they also knew that they were picked out of all men to be the ones to go and see it. How could they back down from that offer?

The shepherds ran with a thankful heart because they knew they were going to see something good. My own kids would run like that if I sang to them on Christmas morning, “Your daddy has given you something which is now out on the driveway.”

They know from the song that there’s something good out there and they’ll thank their daddy as they run to see it.

This Christmas season, I hope we all acknowledge God’s gift with a grateful heart. I hope we all remember to listen to the Christmas carols that speak of the birth of our Savior. I hope we all sing along with the angels and give glory to God.

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