POD People

Psalm 78:19, 21-24
They spoke against God, saying, “Can God spread a table in the desert?”

When the Lord heard them, he was very angry; his fire broke out against Jacob, and his wrath rose against Israel, for they did not believe in God or trust in his deliverance. Yet he gave a command to the skies above and opened the doors of the heavens; he rained down manna for the people to eat, he gave them the grain of heaven.

Hurricane Ike came to visit the Houston area and ended up doing damage to many more homes than a lot of people expected. I didn’t think our neighborhood would suffer because we’re not that close to Galveston. But seeing how big the storm was in the Gulf, we prepared for the possibility of being out of electricity for two weeks. We could’ve made it through two weeks just fine, but – thank you, God – we didn’t have to.

Since our power came back on, I’ve been watching the news stations broadcast the updates about the Houston recovery process. Many FEMA trucks have come to POD (point of distribution) locations all over the Houston area to deliver ice, water, and Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs).

At these POD locations, many people have stood in line waiting for their food, water, and ice while reporters look for someone to interview. It seems that there are reporters who find people to interview who have a positive mindset and are grateful for how much they still have. Then there are those reporters who somehow find grumpies to interview.

I realize that being in a difficult situation may bring out the grumpiness in anyone, but I also really appreciate those who went through the same disaster as the grumpies and still keep a grateful tone.

The warnings went out to everyone well in advance of the storm. Everyone had an opportunity to buy canned food and a hand-powered can opener before the storm. Everyone had an opportunity to wash empty 2-liter bottles to store clean water in before the storm. So why are there so many unprepared people?

It bothers me that there are so many who rely on the government to feed them, when they had resources available in advance. The grumpies generally are not the ones whose homes are now a pile of rubble. I’m talking about the ones who didn’t prepare and now complain that the government is making the process of getting food so inconvenient for them.

God’s eyes search for the ones who look to Him as their protector and provider. He protects many more than those who depend on Him. He feeds many more than those who call on His name.

Don’t you think He’d like a little gratitude for the protection He obviously gave millions of people? Don’t you think He’s listening for a Thank You from the mouths filled with food they didn’t buy?

How can we not acknowledge God’s protection when the number of lives that were saved on Galveston Island during the storm was unexpectedly high? How can we not acknowledge God’s protection this time when Ike only destroyed about ten oil production platforms in the Gulf, but Katrina and Rita destroyed over 100.

I think it’s time for a category 5 surge of gratefulness to God for His protection, provision, mercy, and kindness.


Kesi Keys - Virtue of a Conqueror said...

I agree 100%. I live outside of Houston. We were prepared and by God's gratefullness to my family, our lights were on the same day. God is so good.

Domino said...

I'm glad your family didn't have the problems so many others have had and still have. We all have much to thank God for.

Thanks for stopping by.