The Fear Of The Lord, part six

Ps 25:14
The Lord confides in those who fear him;
he makes his covenant known to them.

When someone shows deep respect for God, a reverential respect that flows naturally from his heart, God pays attention. He wants to speak to us, but he waits for those with an ear tuned to his words.

Listen to the world around you. Listen to how everyone treats the name of God. Some people use his name as a curse word, some as an exclamation of surprise. This isn’t showing respect to God, or in other words, the fear of the Lord.

If I went through my day using the name Mary, Bob, or Rufus D. Frankenheimer as some people use the name of the Lord, I would get all kinds of strange looks. Am I the only one who sees how weird that is? No one asks if you’re praying when you use God’s name without speaking to or about him.

I’m not amazed when those who disrespect God complain that God doesn’t speak to people. I’m not amazed that they can’t hear the daily guidance God wants to give us. When you treat God the way anyone wants to be treated – with respect, that perks up his ears. He notices that you’re interested, you’re listening to him, you’re willing to respond to him.

Who would you confide in? Personally, I’d rather confide in those who show respect.

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