Diligence, part two

Prov 17:24
A discerning man keeps wisdom in view, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.

When a man wants something bad enough, it’s always in his mind. For example, if he wants to buy a Corvette, he’ll see one going down the highway beside him and admire it. He talks about it at work and thinks about it at home. He might research them on the internet.

That’s how we are with God’s wisdom. I want it. I read it. I talk with my family about God’s ways and speak God’s word. I have a Bible at my desk and one in my bedroom. I think about God’s wisdom – because I want it.

If you’re focused on something and don’t give up, you usually get what you’re after.

But with God, keeping wisdom in view is easy because it’s what He wants for you too. He sets up tiny reminders because He knows you’re seeking Him.

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