Thanks for Seeking God With Me.

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With God, All Things Are Possible

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
In 2016, I started writing again in the hope that I would push past all the barriers that held me back from publishing for the last two decades. 
In an effort to stay focused, I went on a writing retreat and wrote the first third of a new novel. But life got in the way. My writing was paused while I juggled all of the different areas of my responsibilities. 
I held steadfastly to the belief that I could put a product in the marketplace and earn some money. The plan was to produce a book that would be beneficial to my readers. So I wrote Heroine: Rising to the Challenge, a nonfiction book for women. In a few short months, I edited and formatted it, and I bought a book cover.
I published that book in January of 2017. 
The struggle of self-publishing taught me a lot. The book in my hands was proof that I could actually create a book that other people would pay me real money for. So I continued the struggle to produce a novel. 
Over the years, I had started plenty of novels. I never really stopped writing, just hopped from one story to the next as I got stuck in each one. In an effort to make sure my novel was the best it could be, I hired a writing coach who would steer me around the possible problems and help me avoid big mistakes. I hired an editor and a formatter to make the product look professional and to improve the book’s readability. 
Only eleven short months after my first book was published, I released my debut novel, The Promotion, as an ebook. 
God was the one who gave me the gift of writing, the stubbornness to keep at it, and the encouragement and support along the way. I knew God wanted me to keep writing, so I kept the giver of my gift in mind as I wrote. I wanted him to be proud of my work. 
Now I can celebrate my victory with joy and thanksgiving because I know the reason behind my accomplishment is God. 
It’s important to remember what God wants you to do. He’s the one who makes all things possible for us. 
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